• This entire page is organized so perfectly and in such a great order. Everything is bolded, bulleted, and linked in a very smart manner.
  • We liked that you immediately state your questions and that a link to your first outline is presented so we know right away what we will be looking at.
  • You might want to include a brief synopsis of the links, Phonetic Sound Contrast and Cross linguistic studies, before starting to explain all the information on one link. (for example, some people may want to know a little bit about what they are going to read more about when clicking the link to all the information of that section)
  • You may want to make a specific section on the main page for Perceptual Assimilation Model, rather than linking it.
  • The Phonetic sound contrast section was well organized and clearly stated making it easy to understand all the information especially in the chart.
  • The first definition of categorical perception could be put under the head line ' What is categorical perception?' instead of before the 'We hope to answer these questions' so that we know a what were looking for and then we get the definition which is followed by the studies of it.
  • On the “studies of categorical perception page” we would recommend explaining the results of the experiment, instead of just explaining what it tested.