round 2 comments

You have added a lot of information! A few tips as you finalize things:

  • On your main page, you should add some more information tying all of the information together - how did the topics listed address your questions?
  • you say “Bilingual ASL and English speaking infants reach the same developmental milestones as monolingual English speaking children.”, but that page only includes milestones for monolinguals. How do you make this conclusion?
  • I'm not sure how the Baby Sign, and especially the Cochlear Implant pages related to your main topic. Develop these pages more and on the main page, say how they help you answer your questions
  • on the pros and cons page, you need to present a little more evidence for the two sides (especially con)
  • again, please try to cite in-text

Evan Bradley 2011/05/11 20:10