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  --- //​[[evan@evanbradley.net|Evan Bradley]] 2011/04/16 20:33//  --- //​[[evan@evanbradley.net|Evan Bradley]] 2011/04/16 20:33//
 +====== round 2 ======
 +  * You should move your main content to your front page (or update the link on the main wiki page)
 +  * Your main research question needs some grammatical editing. I would also suggest splitting it into two questions, one general, and specific (about the determiners)
 +  * You should probably include some more prose introduction that will preview the specific topics you're going to talk about
 +  * Can you give some examples of "​extensive use of classifiers,​ a high degree of inflection, and a topic-comment syntax"?​
 +  * This "What is Sign Language"​ section is a pretty close (word-for-word) copy of the Wikipedia article on sign language (which you haven'​t cited) **this needs extensive revision and proper citation.** please see me if you're unclear on how to do this.
 +  * please cite sources in-text
 +  * you definitely need more information in the section of comparison of signed and spoken language, because this is the stated goal of your project - this is where you should "​answer"​ your question
 +  * you haven'​t really talked at all about determiners - you should either add this, or remove it from your question
 + --- //​[[evan@evanbradley.net|Evan Bradley]] 2011/05/14 19:47//