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Feedback from Instructor

your outline is good for now, but you sill (very soon!) need to add sources other than those we've already read in class — Evan Bradley 2013/05/07 07:54

Feedback round 1

You have added a lot of good context, especially on the Social Dynamics of Improvisation page. Next, concentrate on filling out Accidental Improvisation. In regard to the structure, I would suggest adding an introduction on this page, which will link those two things together, and give them some context.

Evan Bradley 2013/05/14 14:07

Feedback round 2

My main organizational advice here is to move each subpage here, not pretty much independent projects, to “top level” pages

Evan Bradley 2013/05/28 08:59

Social Network feedback 2

You have added some really good content to the outline you already had! What I would like to see next is to make some connections between what you have up there. In the descriptions of the different theater styles, what ramifications do the differences in each style have for the theories of group flow and collaboration set out by Sawyer? As you add this, you might find the page gets long enough that you want to split it off, but this will depend on how this proceeds.

Also, it is possible to embed YouTube videos directly in the wiki page. Try following the directions here.

Evan Bradley 2013/05/28 09:10

Accidental feedback 2