The way the topics flow is quite good (starting with children, ending with adults). One thing that might help with that is to maybe add more subheadings, like there is for the “internal/external” section.

  • The research and the whole idea of this topic are moving in the right direction; however, it would be interesting if we could learn about the difference between a child who does and does not curse a lot and how they are affected and what the difference might be as an example. More emphasis on the child's emotional state would be great as well, as children go through multiple different stages in their young lives. Psychologically curse words are an outlet for them due what they have learned it would be interesting to learn if the same children who began cursing have continued cursing for the same reasons. What has been written thus far is great and I see this only getting better.
  • bullet points to simplify some of the paragraphs some of the sections look cluttered and daunting to read.
  • Some works cited in the wiki were not in the reference list, and some lacked dates.
  • It would be great if there were some videos or pictures included to make the page more interesting.
  • Some areas, such as the theories section could have been expanded a bit more.