Feedback 2

Hi Social Media group,

It looks like this page is coming along. Here are some tips/feedback:

  • I would remove/rework the outline portion at the top, get right into the topic and tell us why it is interesting, THEN outline the topics (you could make a table ot contents with links below that, otherwise I don't think there is a reason for a list
  • I think you need more evidence for some of your claims, especiallty the part about how social media affects relationships, the discussion is a bit anecdotal and shallow in msot sections
  • rather than one long list, is there a better organization for the pages? one for positives and one for negatives?
  • I know I suggested the glossary, but I think you could add some information to make it better. What are unique aspects of each service, and how would they affect people differently?
  • This project would be much improved with some examples. What are some news stories/world events that have impacted or by impacted by social media?
  • You have listed sources, but you haven't really gone into depth about any of them

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

Evan Bradley 2014/12/04 11:13

Feedback 1

Hi Social Media group,

You have a lot of great content here already. Here are some tips on how I think you could make it even better:

It would be really effective to convert from the simple list/outline you have left over from the intial outline to make a more engaging introduction. You could use the WSWBWA article as a jumping off point to motivate the whole project (including where you don't agree, and want to discuss the positives of social media)

One thing that might be good to create is a “glossary” page, where you could give a brief description of each of the social networking platforms you discuss (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) since everyone reading this might not have used all of them. Some might have unique features that figure into the positives/negatives you discuss.

As you add more content, you may also find that you need to reorganize things if they become too long on this page, but that is something we can look at more in the next draft.