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 +====== Feedback 2 ======
 +Hi Social Media group,
 +It looks like this page is coming along. Here are some tips/​feedback:​
 +  * I would remove/​rework the outline portion at the top, get right into the topic and tell us why it is interesting,​ THEN outline the topics (you could make a table ot contents with links below that, otherwise I don't think there is a reason for a list
 +  * I think you need more evidence for some of your claims, especiallty the part about how social media affects relationships,​ the discussion is a bit anecdotal and shallow in msot sections
 +  * rather than one long list, is there a better organization for the pages? one for positives and one for negatives? ​
 +  * I know I suggested the glossary, but I think you could add some information to make it better. What are unique aspects of each service, and how would they affect people differently?​
 +  * This project would be much improved with some examples. What are some news stories/​world events that have impacted or by impacted by social media?
 +  * You have listed sources, but you haven'​t really gone into depth about any of them
 +Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!
 + --- //​[[evan@evanbradley.net|Evan Bradley]] 2014/12/04 11:13//
 +====== Feedback 1 ======
 Hi Social Media group, Hi Social Media group,