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 +It's important to realize that Autism is based on a spectrum in the way it affects functioning. Primarily communication. This is important because it means that there is no end all be all treatment and instead it is based on a case by case basis in helping those with Autism learn to communicate more effectively. ​
 +Communication and language problems are one of the major features of Autism Spectrum Disorder which results in those with the disorder essentially being classified as unable to function. This is primarily due to a poor understanding of the disorder as just a different way of thinking rather than a disability. Thanks to more modern research as well as changing social views on the disorder we are currently progressing to understanding what the disorder is and how to integrate those with Autism into society more easily. However there is still work to be done not just to research exactly how the disorder affects speech and how to aid those with the disorder but to change the way people view those with Autism and stop treating it as a mental disability but more as a mental difference.  ​