Hello all,

great work! this is really coming together. I would still recommend adding a prose introduction on your main page. Also some of the information on different pages might be a little redundant (e.g., “defining synaesthesia” and “qualities of synaesthetes”). I would also recommend making the theories of synaesthesia a little more prominent, and integrating them with the experiments you discuss - you have a page of “experiments”, and then also discuss experiments in other sections - an Experiments page might not be necessary if you discuss each experiment on the page for the topic it most relates to (and then use a link if you want to mention it elsewhere).


Hi Group,

thanks for addressing the earlier comments - you have definitely improved the page! The only thing I would add is that it might be nice to add some more summery to your main page to introduce the topics - such as the section listing the various theories, or to create a page which would summarize and compare the theories - it's important to know why there are different theories, and where they differ.

Overall I am very impressed with the diversity of information in here - well done!