Synesthesia Videos: The Personal Stories of Those Affected

“I've had grapheme colour synesthesia all my life, seeing days of the week, letters, and numbers as colours. But I never told anyone because I thought it occured with everyone haha. I heard about someone with the condition in a magazine recently and researched it, then realised, which was quite exciting. Now I realise how these colours can aid my memory consciously.” Antonia, 2009

Personal Anecdote of a Synesthete

Personal documentary of a man who has grapheme-color synesthesia. Explains how synesthesia “feels” to him, and how it has affected his life.

Dr. Eagleman's lab

Highlights general information on synesthesia, research being done in Dr.Eaglemans lab (neurobiology lab in texas). Shows different kinds of synesthetic qualities, one including a man who sees colors when he tastes certain things.

Cool Short Film Inspired by Synesthesia Symptoms

An interesting video that explains some of the symptoms of synesthesia with sound and images.

Red Mondays & Gemstone Jalapenos

Several individuals were various forms of synesthesia share their personal experiences.

Man Hearing Motion

A newly discovered form of synesthesia: Motion –> Sound

Acquired Synesthesia?

A girl discusses her 'acquired' synesthetic experiences through taking drugs, such as LSD.

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