Here are three examples of a Theater of the Oppressed performance. Follow the wikipedia page to learn more about the different types of Theater Of The Oppressed.

The first clip shows highlights of a performance by the Jan Hus Homeless Theatre Troupe. It gives an example of the possible subject matter, and shows how the audience is explicitly called upon to actively participate in the performance. This is a good example of Image Theater.

The second is from the Central Michigan University Boal Workshop, obviously named after Augusto Boal (get it). It gives an example of how the original ideas of Boal are being used in workshops today (or 2008, precisely).

The third example is from a show called Sex Signals, by Bass/Schuler Entertainment. This show has been pretty consistently offered during Welcome Week at Lawrence University for incoming freshman. While not explicitely Theatre of the Oppressed, the idea is the same: actors ask for suggestions and thoughts from audience members as they act out scenes that examine college sex culture and stereotypes.