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 +There is strong evidence that the cause of autism has a genetic component. ​ A pair of identical twins is 60-92% likely to both have autism. ​ The interaction of at least ten genes contributes to autism. ​ There are countless numbers of genes linked to autism. ​ Though it has been found that overall there is no single genetic cause of autism but rather a number of rare mutations. ​ Autism is an epidemic and a genetic epidemic does not exist.
 +Other causal factors that have been recognized are conditions of the pregnancy including the mother’s age and susceptibility to infections that are associated with autism. ​ Environmental factors exposed during pregnancy, such as increased testosterone exposure, medications,​ and toxins that have a significant relationship with the degree of autism. ​ In summary autism is a phenomenon that results from more than one cause, with different manifestations in different individuals that share common symptoms. ​