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 +If a doctor suspects a child has autism, the doctor will send the child to a speech pathologist. The speech pathologist will perform an evaluation of the child’s ability to communicate and design an appropriate treatment. Also, the child may be sent for audiological testing to make their hearing is normal. ​
 +There are many different approaches to improve communication skills. The best treatment programs will begin when the child is in preschool, and will also focus on the child’s behavior and communication skills and offer reinforcement for positive actions. Children will respond well to a highly structured and specialized program. Parents along with other family members should be involved in the treatment program that way it is involved the the child’s daily routine. ​
 +For some children with autism, they may never develop verbal language skills. For these children, the goal is to acquire gestured communication,​ such as sign language. for others, the goal might be to communicate with using a symbol system, which is where picture are used to represent thoughts. ​