Lying and Creativity

Page Edited: Lying and Creativity - true_lies


This page is really well put together. I really liked the use of videos on the wiki page and plan to keep that in mind as we continue to build our own page. I'm sure there are TED talks about news and information that would be relevant. I also liked the layout of the page. I had previously thought the wiki page would be mostly in bullet points, but this page read quite easily and was well structured. It helped change my view of how I thought our page would look, and so, offered more options for what our final page will look like. Under the “Improvisation and Lying” subheading, they present information about neurological studies looking at how the brain works while using improvisation in lying. However, they then mention this information was found on a .com domain and that a neuroscience write mentioned was later in involved in a plagiarism scandal. The information presented is relevant, but including that little disclaimer afterwards seems “sketchy” (for lack of a better word) and they may have been better not including it at all, or searching for more scholarly articles related to that topic.


The page is well put together in terms of organization and style. However, I am not a fan of how the sentence structure is. Most of the sentences seem drawn out or poorly phrased.


This wiki has made us both more aware of our own wording in sentences, as we found several of the sentences worded oddly or hard to follow. We moved the “Psychology of Lying” subtopic up higher on the page to make it the second subheading instead of the last. We felt that it did not make sense to describe the entire idea of lying and the creativity involved in it, then at the end have the psychology behind lying. That is a more basic, fundamental topic that should be explained first to give the reader that initial understanding of the topic. There were also some grammatical errors that were noticed and corrected. They also had links to Wikipedia within the the paragraphs in order to provide additional information. It seemed odd to use another Wiki as a source for a wiki, especially when their other sources are more scholarly; as such, we removed them entirely. We replaced one of the Wiki links with a link to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for the definition of “divergent thinking.”