round 1

This is a great outline, with a lot of good topics in it. The next step is to start filling this in with more detailed information (you also might want to coordinate with The Motorcycle Diaries group on the Learning and Transmitting Improvised Music section, as this overlaps with their topic.

In regard to structure, are you going to keep all of this on one page, or branch it off? That might get a little bit long. I can think of two main ways of organizing the whole page: one is by genre, where you describe each type of music separately, with similar elements for each, or by theme, where you describe each aspect (e.g., group processes) on a page, and describe each type of music you're discussing on it. The latter one makes more sense, I think. You could also (or in addition) have a sort of “table” on the front page, where you have the different genres listed, with descriptions or links to their various aspects.

Evan Bradley 2013/05/14 14:16

round 2

This page is really coming together. In regard to content, just fill in the places where information is missing—I think this is pretty straight forward. You should also tie it together on the main page by discussing the different genres in relation to one another, and general aspects of performance..The front page could also be reorganized, because right now it is pretty sparse, and most of the interesting information is buried elsewhere. You don't have to move all of it to the front, but a little more explanation would be helpful, especially with the links to other pages hidden down at the bottom.

Evan Bradley 2013/05/28 13:32